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Being Plaid – Daring to different to grow your business

February 2, 2023by Payden And Company

Texas for two back-to-back stops: the Byron Nelson Classic in Dallas and The Colonial Invitational in Fort Worth. The “Nelson” was easily the more alluring of the two, with top-tier players hosted by Byron Nelson, a newer, stadium-style golf course, and a seemingly endless flow of margaritas in the “Party Pavilion.”

By contrast, the Colonial seemed like the Nelson’s oddball cousin. Hosted by the admittedly crusty Ben Hogan, the golf course is a throwback to a bygone era. The cramped layout was built in 1935 and wedged between Texas Christian University (TCU) and a railroad switching station southwest of downtown Fort Worth.

Perhaps the most significant difference between the two tournaments is how the winner is rewarded. At the Nelson, the champion is celebrated with a gorgeous silver trophy with “Lord Byron” at the top. By contrast, the victor of the Colonial receives what might be the most garish jacket on the planet.

Many people groan when they see the gaudy jacket. But, to us at Payden & Company, that plaid coat represents the bold willingness to be different in the homogenous world of golf. The Colonial jacket is instantly recognizable if you are a golf fan. Do you know what the winner of the Valero Texas Open receives for his victory? Neither do we.

At the organizational level, we must ask ourselves if we are bold enough to be plaid. Being plaid is the willingness to do things that set you apart while staying true to what you believe – no matter what others think or say. The most successful companies exude plaid in everything they do. They are the ones that continually think of new ways to solve client issues and foster the longest relationships.

Being plaid also means understanding how to reach your target audience in different ways:

1. Setting up an influencer campaign.
2. Leveraging direct mail while your competition is content with email marketing.
3. Utilizing the physical magic of promotional products in a world filled with intangible marketing.

Next time you meet with a client, make sure you embrace your plaid. Give yourself the freedom and confidence to do things differently than they’ve been done before. While we can’t guarantee you’ll receive the equivalent of the $1.5M winner’s check like Sam Burns did at the 2022 Colonial (now called the Charles Schwab Challenge, we can assure you that you will find more success when you radiate plaid to your clients.

When you’re ready to flaunt your plaid, reach out to us at Payden & Company, as we would love to show you how to communicate your brand to move your target audience to action.

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