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The WOW Factor

March 12, 2019by Payden And Company

We’ve all heard the saying: don’t judge a book by its cover. This may be true when it comes to books but when it’s your product or service packaging, it couldn’t be further from the truth.  In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s imperative that you attract your customer’s attention-immediately-if you intend to get their business.

 Case In Point

 Several years ago, our company won our regional American Marketing Association’s first place Diamond Award for the best three-dimensional direct mail piece.  It was an invitation to our customers and prospects to attend our annual promotional product and sportswear show.  It was a very successful direct mail piece with an extremely high response rate. Why did the direct mail piece work so well?  

 ·      It was bulky mail and caught the customer’s eye

·      It was intriguing enough to compel the recipients to open

·      It provided (inside) an easy method to immediately respond (see photo)

 Not only did we have an exceptional event, we had several inquiries to design invitations for our client’s upcoming events.

 Case In Point

 For several years we supplied a national company with a first-class, low cost presentation folder made of gallery board.  This was far different than the standard presentation folder used by many companies.  Our client made a press release presentation to the New York Post using this folder with the hope of receiving press coverage for their new product.  Not only did an article appear in the newspaper, the writer stated that in his 30 years as a journalist, he had never seen such a cool presentation piece.  

 If your company sending information on your products and services to customers, prospects and the press, make sure your materials make a “WOW” statement they will notice. This will greatly increase the chances that the materials inside will be read and significantly improve your sales and publicity results.

 Whether it’s packaging your products, presentation materials, e-mails or your web site, you only have seconds to capture the customer’s attention. If any of these tools are boring, unprofessional or lack the WOW factor, you’ve already lost the prospect.  Don’t skimp on the creative, (it’s probably more affordable than you think) and don’t assume intelligent packaging won’t make a difference.  It does!

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