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Importance of the Digitizing Process | Payden & Company

February 22, 2016by Payden And Company0

Embroidery quality is extremely important to Payden & Company. We believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best when it comes to the look of their branded clothing and accessories. There are thousands of embroiderers, many of whom use the same threads and machines, so what makes one embroiderer better than another? Well, after nearly 40 years in the business we know that it comes down to attention to detail. Time after time new customers come to us with embroidered goods from their previous embroiderers, wanting to know if we can reproduce what they have done in the past. More often than not the quality of that embroidery would be considered unacceptable to our team, and would have never made its way into that customers hands had we done it. So we tell them not only can we do it, we will do it right this time. When we deliver our finished product they often want to know how we were able to achieve our level of detail and quality. Here is the secret… DIGITIZING! Yep, remember that setup charge you paid for? That charge was to digitize your logo. Digitizing is the mapping of needle movements that the embroidery machine will use to stitch your logo. And this digitizing process will end up determining whether you get a messy finished product, or one worth showing off. So don’t continue to use an embroiderer that doesn’t know the importance of the digitizing or doesn’t take the time to do it right because you deserve to be proud of your branded merchandise.  


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