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Promotional RFID Shields For Your Credit Cards

August 27, 2015by Payden And Company

1. Excellent customer visibility – Your customers message is on a large 2″ x 3″ print area and will be seen every time your customer opens their wallet.


2. Shift to chip based contactless credit cards – Visa announced the launch of a new program to upgrade US merchants to non-contact readers. Financial institutions are expected to order millions of cards to follow the standard set in Europe and Asia.


3. Widespread media exposure – The Today Show, Fox News, NY Times, NCIS episode & nightly news segments in 15 major markets have all highlighted criminal data skimming activities.


4. Great Deal – Sleeves retail for $4.00 – $5.00 on the internet and in retail locations.


5. Greater perceived value – Customers perceive a greater value over other items because the sleeves are actively protecting their credit and identity.


Electronic pick pocketing, skimming, or contactless identity theft is a method of obtaining data stored on passports, contactless credit cards and IDs, or any other RFID enabled card in your wallet. Contactless card technology allows for a thief to skim the radio frequency information using an inexpensive, handheld, contactless
card reader.


Visa has recently announced that commencing in 2012, their providers will have access to a new non- contact credit card. With tens of millions of these cards poised to go into circulation soon, the timing is perfect to let your customers in the financial industry know about this new lineup of sleeve products.


How the Sleeves Work


Contactless credit card readers send radio frequency signals out to a credit card. The contactless chip built into the credit card receives the signal and returns a response to the reader containing the information on your credit card. The radio frequency shielded sleeves do not allow the initial signal from the credit card reader to reach the chip on the card. When the signal does not reach the chip there isn’t any response sent back from the card. This will protect the data on the credit card from being read and possibly stolen.

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