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Growing Your Business by Focusing on the Little Things

June 1, 2022by pmcmg

Most business owners claim with certainty they are “100% focused on the client.” While that sounds good, it’s generally not accurate. The truth is that, over time, many will make tiny sacrifices to service that they believe won’t be noticed by clients.

However, those small details generally develop into service gaps that drive clients away. This is especially true in any competitive industry where many competitors essentially sell the same products to the same target audience.

Here’s the truth: almost everyone – including your competition – does the big things well: they provide good products or services, do so at a fair price, and invoice the clients promptly and accurately. Those are the big things, and those “big things” are expected. In other words, the big things do very little to set you apart. This is why the little things – the tokens that many are quick to dismiss as not noticed or appreciated by clients – have more value than ever.

As you look at the experience you and your staff have created, you must ask yourself one question every single day: has my organization developed a philosophy – one that focuses on the seemingly insignificant little things – that I could imagine paying to experience?

Little things like a hand-written thank you note, sending over coffee with some branded stainless-steel tumblers because you know they are against a deadline, or even a few power banks to help them “charge up their sales.” These are the experiences that people remember and talk about for months – even years.

The big things are expected, and just about everyone does them well; that’s why it’s impossible to use them as differentiators. However, those seemingly insignificant little things that take more thought, time, and effort – they are the same things that hold the keys to client happiness, loyalty, and profitability.

As spring gives way to summer, it’s time to create a client experience you would be thrilled to pay for repeatedly. Here at Payden & Associates, we are ready to brainstorm with you to create those little moments of marketing joy through the purposeful – and impactful – use of branded merchandise. Simply email us at to get started!

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