Payden, President

“Mark truly understands what to do for his clients. He lives, breathes, thinks, moves, listens, organizes and talks in a manner that epitomizes the relentlessly resourceful CEO. Mark is relentless about serving, not selling. He serves by Magnifying my concerns, my objectives, my goals, my challenges, my assignments by placing them at the forefront of his priorities.” - From Jet Parker’s book, ABC’s for CEOs, 
Rhode Island & Florida: 401-527-2345  

Len Sormanti
Senior Vice President

Providence, RI | 401-437-6825

Allison Gill
Merchandise Consultant

Newport, RI | 401-489-4705

Meghan O'Hare
Merchandise Consultant

Weymouth, MA | 508-846-6277

Quay Payden
Web Consultant


Madelyn Petrarca
VP of Operations

East Greenwich, RI | 401-884-6811

Mouy Soukhome
Merchandise Consultant

Big Island, HI | 808-354-0613

David Dunn
Merchandise Consultant

Clarksburg, MA | 413-664-3356

Evan March
Merchandise Consultant

Atlanta, GA | 678-697-0415

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Liz Kennedy
Merchandise Consultant

Las Vegas, NV | 702-499-8681

Billy Smith
Merchandise Consultant

East Greenwich, RI | 401-580-0777

Brian Smith
Merchandise Consultant

Melbourne, FL | 321-412-6785