It takes a substantial amount of money and time to discover the ideal company name and define the unique market position that elevates the value of a business in the eyes of prospects.  CEOs that capitalize on every opportunity to optimize their promotional dollars and build brand equity in their market position will build brand recognition faster and profits more successfully. 


 I work with a client in Florida who utilizes natural architectural materials to craft cabanas at resorts and spas, tiki huts on beaches, grass hut bars in island themed restaurants and theme parks.  They called me concerning a party they were planning and wanted to produce an invitation to be mailed to architects and designers.


 We were give three objectives for the part invitation.

1.  Attract the attention of the invited guests so they would open the invitation.

2.  Reinforce the client’s market position in their industry: Delivering Paradise. 

3.  Make sure our unique invitation packaging would meet postal regulations.  


 The event was being held at an upscale restaurant in Orlando with an “island escape” motif.  We looked for products that would pull together the idea of travel and the exotic destination theme.  

 Our Idea

 A well traveled “trunk” as the package with a ticket and invitation inside.  This inventive suitcase, decorated with exotic destinations of the world traveler, measured 10” x 7” x 3”.  We shrink-wrapped it for mailing, exposing the graphics on the trunk to insure to get the recipient’s attention.  The invitation and the event was a huge success! 


 The next time you plan and event, launch a new product or re-brand your company, be sure to include a seasoned promotional products expert in the planning process.  They are often your best source for position-building, inventive-packaging ideas.