What to consider when buying promotional products. Part 1.

Consider the following factors when purchasing promotional products that will carry your company logo.

First, does the promotional product reflect the quality of your product or service? If your company promotes a high-end product or service, it isn’t wise to imprint your logo on a low-end inferior promotional product. If you’re promoting a sophisticated event, your product should reinforce that sophisticated message.

For example: A financial firm has an upcoming convention. They purchase and distribute a more expensive Antigua 100% cotton polo shirt, at a cost of $26.75 each with an embroidered logo. A competitor, on the other hand, is preparing for an upcoming company tennis tournament, so they choose a nice but less expensive lower-end product: a Harvard Square 100% cotton, polo shirt for $18.50.


You’re delivering more than a gift with every promotional product, you’re delivering a message too. There is always going to be a more positive attitude among customers that receive a high quality calculator as a gift than by those who receive a less expensive highlighter pen. Every promotional product sends a message, every message translates into a consumer attitude, and every attitude dictates weather or not the consumer conducts more business with your company.