Promotional Products: Tools Not Toys

Everyone loves receiving promotional products. Visit an office at any company and I guarantee that you will see a coffee mug, writing instrument, calendar, desk accessory or some type of promotional product with a corporate logo. Is that your company or your competitors Bob Lederer, former President of a leading promotional product manufacturer states that, “promotional product advertising is the only type of advertising that elicits a thank you from the recipient.” In traditional advertising, the number of impressions an advertisement receives measures an advertising campaign’s success. Just think about how many times and how many different people see a corporate logo on that coffee mug. A more important advantage of promotional products, when used properly to increase sales, is the return on investment can be measured more accurately than any other advertising medium.

Maybe you’ve been using promotional products to advertise your business However, have you used them as a tool to increase leads, sales and cash flow or only as a toy to elicit a laugh from fellow workers Can you measure the success of your promotional product advertising campaigns Or, is it just a line item in your marketing budget that increases when you have profits and is eliminated entirely when you don’t If you answer is no to the first question and yes to the last, it’s time take another look at the manner in which your company uses these unique marketing items.

It is imperative to increase sales in a sluggish marketplace. Ironically, it is often easier to win over new clients and expand market share in poor economic times than it is in good times because many purchasing agents , desperate to improve performance, are willing to work with new vendors presenting something conceivably more effective.

To increase lead and sales, considering including a promotional product in your next mailing to your prospects and clients. A study by Silver Marketing Group, published by the Promotional Products Association, found that the use of promotional products, in conjunction a sales letter, can make a significant difference in direct mail response rates and improve the effectiveness of converting leads into appointments. In terms of appointments secured, a sales letter only received a 1.8% response. A letter with a promotional product enclosed received a 2.7% response and a letter with an offer of a promotional product incentive received a 7.3% response.

Whether your a CEO of a large or small company, a promotional products campaign can be tailored to both your needs and budget. Promotional products should not be the line item in your marketing budget that is deleted first. Instead, they should be the creative marketing tool that puts your sales efforts in gear and contributes to making your company first in your market.